Entreprenuer: Having the Knack and Developing a Niche

February 5, 2009

It would seem to be a terrible time to start a business. But that is always the case…if you are just saying that to avoid the pain of creative enterprise.

I have a head for business..and a bod--bottom line for...you!!!

I have a head for business..and a bod–bottom line for…you!!!

In reading The KnackInc. writers Bo Burlingham and Norm Brodsky delve into what makes a successful business from the very beginning. Things like having high gross margins, stable (and growing) cash flows, and the ability to handle multiple problems with a quick assessment of the situation and how to fix it before it becomes an ongoing problem.

Each situation encountered is told via a letter to Inc. that points to typical business start up hesistations, and what worked, and what didn’t, for Norm.

As a wannabe entreprenuer, I hope I can get the idea, the team and capital in place to successfully launch a good business. Ideas are not hard to find. The team is a matter of connections. The capital, well, we will have to see on that front.

Get the Niche! And scratch it!