Jason T. Powers


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505 Indiana Ave

Lowell, IN 46356

Phone: (219) 779-1150


Objective: To utilize various skills, from industrial engineering to online writing, to secure a position whose mantra is variety, adaptability, creativity, forward-thinking, and innovation while working in a positive environment.

Industrial Engineering Synopsis

Experienced in Engineering, Manufacturing and Distribution Systems, with specific knowledge in labor standards development and implementation, line balancing techniques, database development and management, continuous improvement, QS9000 certification, FMEA, plant layout analysis and design, economic analysis and justification and project management.

Engineering Projects

  • Used sensitivity analysis of pick orders and sequencing to justify capital appropriation of $200,000 for 25 triple pallet jacks – ROI less than one year, 8% productivity increase
  • Used Autocad LT for designing and depicting areas in 375,000 square foot facility
  • Co-authored Access database program to process incentive payroll at warehouse – $50,000 in indirect labor savings, saved 3,000 hours per year in incentive payroll processing due to automation
  • Developed and maintained existing labor standards system based on Pre-determined Time System (MSD)- 90% of employees on standards and incentive programs

Manufacturing Facility Activities

  • Designed and relocated 2 sub-assembly areas to reduce WIP storage – $100,000 in savings
  • Developed plans for future assembly programs including capacity studies for possible acquisition of 100,000 square foot facility located nearby

Warehouse Projects

  • Project Manager for $250,000 rack modification project designed to move 550 items and 2.5 million cases shipped per year into freezer section of facility – ROI of 1.3 years
  • Developed sensitivity analysis for direct labor budget accounting for productivity increases and shipments projected for next fiscal year – $16.1 million dollar direct labor budget, 61.3 million cases shipped yearly
  • Established Access databases for incentive programs, slot configurations, pick sequences, employee and plant performance for a 380,000 square foot Kroger distribution center


Writing Experience

  • Blogger (since July 2005): Yahoo 360°, Google’s Blogger, and WordPress blogs focusing on baseball topics, general sports, politics, entertainment, and personal history: – Various writing projects, book reviews, and a business blog – Politics, entertainment, sports, and personal circumstances – Baseball articles written for 3rd party website


  • Non-fiction author (2005-Present): Bringin’ Gas and Dialin’ 9: 100 Years of Professional Baseball Development (1908-2007)
  • Looks back at the development of the game’s offense, defense, and pitching using statistical analysis and documents the innovations introduced into the sport
  • Short biographies of players, ballparks, and executives
  • Addresses issues like steroids from a non-mainstream point of view
  • Organized around Presidential Eras and topics such as Sabermetrics and the Negro Leagues
  • Work-in-progress is over 700 pages with over 400 sources (posted at Anythingwritten website)


  • Technical Writer (2000): Wrote in-house Labor Standards Manual for CSI, LLC. (Atlas Cold Storage)
  •  Included brief history of labor standards development
  • MTM and MSD systems discussed
  • Included logistic pick rates for refrigerated warehouse – 380,000 sq. ft. facility


Education & Computer Skills:  B.S.I.E., Purdue University, 1996        West Lafayette, IN

Software: Microsoft Office; Autocad Versions LT, 14, 2000; MS Visio; Analyze-it; STATS4U; Open Office

Online Programs: Internet Explorer; Mosaic; Netscape; Firefox; Yahoo Messenger, Blogger, WordPress

Operating Systems: Windows 3.1, NT, 4.0, 98, XP; Unix; A/S 400


Recent Work History






The Times

Crown Point, IN

2005 – Present

Independent Contractor


Toledo, OH


IE Consultant


Shelbyville, IN


Industrial Engineer

U.S. Navy

Virginia Beach, VA



Lear Corporation

Greencastle, IN


Industrial Engineer


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