Op Ed-Biz Misc

There are plenty of opinions in this world.  Mostly about whether war is always justified, politics is ever not corrupt or my belief system is better than your belief system. And I am not particularly different; but I’d liked to think I am not as dogmatic or at least clear in my statement of the case.

I have also done business plans, legal analysis, resumes and cover letters over these many seasons. These are just apart of being involved in life. Trying to advance my education, or get off the ground a career or business operation.


Posted Blog Articles on Economics


Miscellaneous Business 

Each of us has within us a voice. Whether it be on the op ed side or the ability to take business-related ideas and put them into a successful obtainment/fulfillment of objectives. It’s a task I feel I can always improve on – writing in either medium – but a very rewarding task it is when you put it all together.


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