Baseball Book Ad: Hoping to Wow in 2010

August 15, 2009
The Front Cover - Redesign #2

The Front Cover - Redesign #2

I will be done shortly after the 2009 World Series. I have to get cracking toward the final draft – rough is more like it – but it will be done.

I hope to publish it under my own imprint:

Notice the basepath look at the upper right hand and 8 men on the field

Notice the basepath look at the upper right hand and 8 men on the field

To me, this is a way to control the best aspects of publication: My work – my press – my profit – my failure (if it bombs.)

So, I hope to gain a foothold via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all things Social Networking.

Until then, Anything Written is still working on anything else written.


Portfolio: Just in case for job hunts

August 3, 2009

If you have the misfortune to be out of work, it is always best to have a portfolio of recent projects worked on. Resumes may open a few doors; portfolios show you kept yourself busy and documented your accomplishments while at your prior job.

It is possibly important to put together things you work on outside of your field of endeavor. The remodeling of a home, writing a novel, designing a new system, painting, or photographic art.  It shows depth and knowledge sets that a resume is usually lacking in reflecting since only the stuff that gets you a job is suppose to be there.

So, that being said, here’s a new set of blogs I put together into a package:

Economics and Business Blogs

By no means will a portfolio guarantee a better a view of your attributes, but the right employer not the right now employer will appreciate and take to heart you are a person and that matters.

Turning Pulp into Fiction: The Rock Story

April 21, 2009

I drive around alot. Not because I want to be environmentally unfriendly, but because my current job requires it. As a result, or a byproduct, I get several hours per night to listen to either the radio or a book on tape. (Which I haven’t done as much recently. And yes, that’s so 1980’s…)

Recently, I began to put together a list of songs that will go into a fiction story based on Rock songs and Rock bands. (Rock being a very broad category since electronica, DJ whomever and classical sounds will be included.)

It might center around a lady name Gaga – who does not like her real name, now? (She likes Gaga ok, just not the Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. I mean, why not S-JAG.)

Just don't call me Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, OK?

Just don't call me Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, OK?

Anyways, back to the pulp. Scripting out a story with nothing but song titles and Rock names seems a bit 8th graderish.  Something one does to their Trapper Keepers or the one-subject $1.29 70-page notebooks. (So 80’s again.)

But a montage of songs with a story line could work. And I’ll have to be at my surfing best to remember titles since no ordinary rock station tells you the title anymore. (And I do not have XM or a modern radio that tells you that sort of information. Did I get caught in a time warp? Did Marty McFly take me back in time?)

Rock legends are easy to include: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Simon & Garfunkel, ZZ TOP, etc. etc. etc.

The weird one-hit groups or songs from 2008, because I’m so late, will be the gold to make this one a platinum outing.

It is off the beaten path of this blog to talk about a creative project which has seen its better days. (I’ll include pictures to move such a story along.)

But with a recession, you try different ideas – written and creative – to stir the juices. This one will be one of many in my Trapper Keeper of “boy, what the hell was I thinking” about during mid-2009.

Such is life – KEEP IT ROCKIN’!!


Business Card: Not an easy task to be different

January 27, 2009

In today’s ever changing landscape of business, having a good first impression is ultimate to landing that deal that makes or breaks you. So how does one do it?

Business Cards are so last century, since we just kick people into our phones, and forget them, unless…they have the service we need. But what if our business card is really unique?

And provides all the information we need to know about the company or services they provide?

Well, I attempted mine using only Powerpoint for card design and a logo.


Utilizing only a basic Powerpoint Presentation format (the green wave to the left), Text boxes, and inserting a JPEG of a logo made from another Presentation, the card works well for this particular business.

  1. Company Name is Clear
  2. Logo reinforces the name
  3. What I can do (services) is listed on the card
  4. Contact information is clear
  5. A motto works for the company
  6. A picture of the person makes them more memorable and unique

By no means would this work for other ventures, however, for a writer or independent entreprenuer, it does address all the basics of what can I do?how do I contact you?, do you have a guiding force? and is there somewhere to find you or leave information outside of phoning or emailing you? 

While I only did this as a trial example, I might step up to a better program and find a good outlet to print up some cards.

I hope your business cards reflect what you do, how to contact you, and what is your motto in business. People like connections to solid outfits – be that outfit that gets passed on via a card.

(Note: Due to the size of actual card – the JPEG image inserted is not so clear. I am sure I could improve that – but for this exercise, it worked.)