Portfolio: Just in case for job hunts

If you have the misfortune to be out of work, it is always best to have a portfolio of recent projects worked on. Resumes may open a few doors; portfolios show you kept yourself busy and documented your accomplishments while at your prior job.

It is possibly important to put together things you work on outside of your field of endeavor. The remodeling of a home, writing a novel, designing a new system, painting, or photographic art.  It shows depth and knowledge sets that a resume is usually lacking in reflecting since only the stuff that gets you a job is suppose to be there.

So, that being said, here’s a new set of blogs I put together into a package:

Economics and Business Blogs

By no means will a portfolio guarantee a better a view of your attributes, but the right employer not the right now employer will appreciate and take to heart you are a person and that matters.


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